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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A bit about Worcester Photo Studios

So if you're from Massachusetts or surrounding states and have kept your ear to the ground then you have in no doubt heard about Worcester Photo Studios. It's a huge co op style studio, when i say huge i mean around 10,000 sq ft and over 13 areas to shoot in and a huge bay door to bring in cars, trucks, buses and elephants; while the last may not be entirely true we still have good intentions of bringing an elephant in there at some point.

So we started about 2 months back with an empty warehouse which used to house weaving looms and other various heavy equipment. We've been slowly turning it into a studio which at sometimes seems like a clubhouse because of all the members that love to hang out between shoots.   We took out around 17,000lbs of metal and lots of wood from the building. We're slowly transforming the inside to resemble what we all saw in our minds a year ago when we first came up with this idea.

Most days we're covered in dirt and grease from preparing the studio to be the powerhouse that it aims to be, the days that we're not we are sitting and marketing ourselves on the computers and working at new things to make the studio even better.  My office is a couch and an end table and Pat's office is a small mobile station cluttered with tech, we're making due until the office is completed.

So let me lay out the plans as if you were coming in to check out the studio and i was giving you a walk through. In the back right hand corner of the building we have plans for a 30ft three sided cyclorama and to the left of that a stage for bands or DJ to perform. To the right of the cyclorama going up the side of the building we have the location of the soon to be rain room with sprinklers and waterproof lighting and sealed and completely black walls and floor for the most amazing pictures you've ever seen.

Continuing down the right wall we have 2 more built sets which we haven't fully designated as anything in particular. The models changing room is next with plans to build a make up room off of that. The models room has it's own bathroom and plans for a shower and second vanity.  The photographers bathroom is after this followed by the office which Pat and I will be occupying.  The left side of the building from the left rear will be backdrops and single sets, around 7 or 8 sets for use. Then we have the green room which will is a place where you can meet with clients and also we will have a classroom for different photographers to teach or run seminars. In the upper left hand corner we have the editing room where we will have macs for everyone to work on their shots from the day or night. We also have the kitchenette and storage room directly in front of the editing room. The upper right hand wall will house our gallery which is partially open to non members as well as members.
Looking down the middle of the studio it's open and chairs and props will be positioned strategically throughout. The bay doors are in the very front of the building allowing mass entrance or for larger things.

So that's where we are now, come down and check it out. Call either Pat or myself at 1-800-210-9531

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