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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Photos, don't suck bady at them.

I just spoke at Worcester Free School hosted at Worcester Photo Studio.
One of the topics that i talked about was photo composition which lead
to Christmas photos and how not to make them suck.

Make sure you get rid of anything that's distracting and non Christmas or
Festivus related if you're doing group pictures. Make sure you're subjects
aren't wearing concert shirts or tank tops or anything that doesn't scream
Christmas or classy.  Sweaters and slacks and a nice pair of shoes for the
gentlemen and something much nicer for the lady. I would tell a lady how
to dress, but i'm a guy and not equipped to do so. So that covers
environment for the most part and attire.  

So what to do about posing.  Make sure clothing is not twisted, stains
showing or otherwise wrinkled and ruined. Look at hands, what are they
doing. The last thing you want is to have these beautiful pictures while someone
is clenching a fist or doing jazz hands.  If hands are in pockets then make sure
that the thumb is out, this will convey a sense of relaxation. You don't want
the people in the picture to look pensive or shy. Point those feet in for group shots,
the last thing you want is to have everyone's feet going every which direction.
Make sure everyone's bodies are somewhat complimenting their opposites.
Slight turns for body angle always is a given, you don't want to have a police line

Okay, so i'll say this again. For god's sake no direct flash!
I could rant on and complain and tell you exactly why, just reread my previous
blogs about this.

When you take your photos you should know some  basic composition rules
such as the rule of thirds. Google it, i'm not going to ramble on about it. You
also want to make sure you're not including too much overhead, too much space
above your subject or too much space to the side or bottoms of the pictures.
Do not under any circumstances cut anyone off at any joints of their body.
Do not cut peoples arms or heads off in pictures, many a good picture has been
ruined by the bad composition of a poor photographer.

So now that you have taken all these great photos and you're ready to post to facebook,
wait! Go and look back through the pictures and get rid of the bad ones. Make sure you're composition
is spot on. No blurry photos, no photos that are just simply document the event.
Now if you're somewhat hesitant about throwing away those pictures just remember
that these same people will be around next year for you to get it right.

Happy Festivus and please do not say Happy Holidays. It's just lame.

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