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Friday, September 16, 2011

Take thousands of photos and get better.

Okay a simple lesson that many people don't get, if you want to become better you have to practice. The same thing is involved when you're a photographer or trying to become one. The difference between amateur and pro is about 100,000 pictures.

I was about 60,000 pictures in before i realized that i wanted to even be a photographer, i traveled alot and hiked alot and documented everything. Looking back i saw that every once and awhile i took the time to frame correctly and use the light the correct way and had amazing little victories. Once i realized that i was stupid for not seeing that i was on my way to being a photographer i started to practice. I went hiking and in my head I convinced myself i was shooting for a big magazine or trying to get the perfect picture to frame. I tried alot of different angles and compositions and every time i would end up with something a bit more refined. 

Now i can take pictures and regularly have enough to put a small book of pictures together or at the least something to add to my portfolio. So basic point of this post is that you may suck and your photos may be terrible but they can only get better.

In addition to just taking photos i suggest reading photo magazines from the UK (they outnumber our prints in quality and substance) and check out photo art books. Kill a few hours at Barnes & Noble and figure out why these people have books and you don't. 

Stop being so terrible and get better at photography.

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